TRUArt Woodburning Smoke Extractor – Exhaust Smoke Outside


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TRUArt’s Woodburning Smoke Extractor vents out any and all toxic and harmful airborne substances away from you. This allows you to fully focus on your project and not worry about eyes or nose irritation.

  • STRONG SUCTION – When properly set up, it sucks in all smoke and fumes away from your workplace. Completely get rid of all harmful and toxic fumes that might especially result from wood-burning treated wood.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – Carbon filter eliminates harmful substances from extracted smoke, which significantly decreases your impact on the environment. 
  • REMARKABLE RESULTS – Effectively removes all airborne substances resulting from your woodburning and gets rid of eye and nose irritations.
  • NO-NONSENSE – Easy-to-use and the quick setup design allows you to get to your project quickly. Once done, simply switch it off and it’s ready for your next burn session.
  • ROBUST – Strong and sturdy construction ensures long hours of use with an unfailing performance.


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